Monday, October 24, 2005

New Blog

I have shifted my blog.......I really wanted somewhere to upload my photos easily, so come find me at
See ya there!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

well today I am on my way home. Pretty sure that I will sleep on the plane as I havent had much sleep last night.

My friend Becky Thompson and I decided to go and see the Las Vegas strip at 11:30pm. It was our first time in Vegas, and the only chance we would get, to get some night photos. Which, btw is the most spectacular time to see the sites.
We got back to our room at 3am.

Packing the last of my luggage this morning, then maybe back to the strip for a little while. Coming home!! I have missed my family so much, and I am looking forward to some Non-Salty food (thats just for you Tasha!!)

Signing off for now!!
See you on the other side!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One more day!!

For anyone thats been checking out my blog, I just havent had the time to touch base with you all since arriving in Vegas. Its been fun and crazy. The people have been awesome.

Memory Trends was totally wild, and when I get home I will post some yummy Rusty Pickle papers, etc. It was a great show. Intense, but great.

I got to meet my long time friend, Becky Thompson. Just lovely to be in the same room together.

There will be lots of photos going up when I arrive home in a couple of days.

For my family, I miss you all so much, and have found today, knowing that I am leaving to see you all, very soon, rather emotional.

Hugs to you all!!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October 5th, Day 4

Leaving Jaylas today, heading back in to the Pickle this morning. Staying with Tasha and Lance tonight. The rest of the chefs start arriving late tonight and tommorrow. And then the retreat starts at Park City, where it is SNOWING. How amazing is that?? I was so sure that I wouldnt get to see snow while I was here, and I was proved wrong.
My mind feels like its going at a million miles an hour, taking everything in. Last night Jayla took me to a bookstore, borders, to pick up a book that I couldnt get in Australia. I was tired, and finding that I my accent was broad enough that they were struggling to understand what I was looking for. It took me to spell the word out to be able to find the section I was looking for. And we speak the same language. There is a vast difference between us in some ways thou, especially the way we say things.

I look around me, at the neon signs.......and trust me, they are everywhere. The electricity bills in this country must be enormous. Everything is BIG here. Thing SUPERSIZE ME, in everything. The roads, the food, the supermarkets; hey even the bookstore was huge. Nothing small in this place....Amazing.

I feel very grateful for all that I have at home. For the comfortable, and the known.
Please dont get me wrong, I am loving it here. But wow, its like a totally new world.

Ok, well I need to finish packing this morning. Have an awesome day!!


some photos!!

This is Bajio.
The most amazing mexican I have EVER had. YUMMY.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Hmmm, I think this is Jetlag. Tired off and on all day. Blah!! There is way too much to be doing to be sleeping lots. It so sucks!!

I honestly dont know where to start. Its all so different here. I am having a lovely time. But I do feel a little isolated. cant just ring my guys, or friends when I feel like it.

Ok, I dont want to be here too long. SO I will give you a top 5 things today!!

1. Some of the food is really blahhhh, either really over salted, or bland.
2. Its snowing on the mountains that I shared in the photo yesterday. And thats where we are heading for 3 days.
3. I had the most amazing and interesting meal tonight. WHite bean Chilli. Jayla is a fab cook. Thanks so much Jayla.
4. This whole driving on the other side of the road is sooooo freaky. I am finding it so weird.
5. Looking at the mountains every morning and night, is just incredible. So amazing. So beautiful. Makes you know that there is a God, and He sure did an amazing job!!

I will send some pics in a post in a few mins!!

Peace guys!!


Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh my Word!!

Well thats what they say here, so I thought I would use it!!

Ya know what, its better and bigger than that!! We went into the Wasatch Mountains today. The colors have changed, and the weather with was it cold!!
So I will only share one photo tonight as we just got home and its 11:39pm, and I am exhausted.

So this is the photo for the day, and I promise I will do a photo page really soon. Of to play at the pickle tommorrow.